Homework for Photography Projects

This list was given as “homework” to be done in preparation for the CPS Annual Weekend Workshop. It is also a useful “to do” list when embarking on any photographic excursion – things that it is useful to know or do beforehand.

Things to look up in your manual

Diopter setting
Image quality: RAW/RAW+Jpeg
Exposure: Evaluative/Matrix
Histogram: RGB not just tonality
Exposure compensation
Highlight alert (blinkies)
Color space: Adobe RGB.
Aperture priority and aperture adjustment; know what your shutter speed is.
Manual; know how to adjust shutter speed and aperture.
ISO setting
Single point focus
Back-button focussing (turn off focus on shutter button).
Red-light headlights

Topics for discussion next week (as part of the Workshop preparation)

Some ideas on composition and cropping
Choice of lens for story telling
Hyperfocal distance
Mirror lock-up, timer delay
Use of Live view for composition (particularly in low light)
Group etiquette
Tripod setup and discussion
Bring your manual
Bring your camera and tripod

Things to bring with you to Bermagui

Bring your manual
Bring your camera, spare battery and charger, spare cards
Bring your tripod
Computer for downloading
Red headlight or torch
Alarm clock to wake you well before dawn
Warm gear and perhaps swimming costume
Sturdy shoes (perhaps wellies)
2-3 prints for discussion
Sense of humour


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