President’s Annual Report to 2016 AGM

CPS President, Helen McFadden, has asked me to publish this report to publicly record it in an accessible place. The first part illustrates the process, achievements and continuing work of our strategic direction. It may help to inform our discussions this year.

This report summarises and reflects upon the activities of the Canberra Photographic Society during 2015.

The CPS continues to develop its program based upon the direction set in our Strategic Plan which was adopted by the 2014 AGM. This plan was developed with a high level of consultation with and input by members during 2013. It helps to be able to sift through ideas and opportunities with a cohesive framework, focusing on the important things which contribute to progress in our objective to be a:

“mutually supportive and excellent photographic society through
(a)        helping the Society members achieve their photographic potential and
(b)        encouraging the Society and its members to interact with their community”

An example of the benefit of this approach is how the communications survey in 2014 resulted in the changes implemented in 2015 to: our email and membership list; regular eNews; website updating is user friendly; Facebook page, blog, and instagram all well viewed and well used. So much so, that now it all seems normal.

Following from this in 2015 we looked at how to more seamlessly handle our images for display and sharing and competitions. After investigations led by Matt James we successfully tested upload and display on a SmugMug gallery during the annual photochallenge. Ready for the start of 2016 we moved our competition upload to galleries on SmugMug. Many members have commented at how easily this works. There are other benefits in ease of administration which are becoming more obvious. This change has allowed us to change the method of competition display to using a tablet device, put in the hands of the judge. This uses the SmugMug app on the device and wireless communication with the projector.

All of these technology based methods will most likely change every five years or so as new products and services become available. This is not a problem or an obstacle. Photography is mostly very closely linked to these technologies.

The next two strategic objectives which we are working on are developing the structure for members to systematically improve their photographic skills and the long term integration of new members. The weekend workshops which have been held at Merimbula, thanks to Phil and Helen McFadden, have helped people to improve their photographic skills and to gain a sense of belonging to the CPS. Both of these areas need attention. Our Open Studio initiative may help with some of this.

As a part of our community engagement we will have a stall at the Connect and Participate Expo in Saturday 19th March at the Old Bus Depot, Kingston from 11am to 4pm. If you could talk to people about the CPS please volunteer for a couple of hours. There are 150 organisations and 8000 visitors expected, based on numbers from last year.

70th Anniversary Celebrations

2015 saw the CPS celebrate 70 years since its foundation in 1945. We enjoyed a well attended dinner at the Hellenic Club. Jim Mason was inducted as an Honorary Life Member. We were pleased that our other Honorary Life Member, Ian McGuiness, was present at the dinner and he was presented with a Life Member Medallion (which hadn’t been presented at his induction). Brian Rope spoke about the history of the CPS and Chris Holly spoke about the future of photography. Thanks to Alan Charlton and team for organising the event. Bruce Clark contributed with some large prints made by his father after a CPS photography night with models at the old Griffin centre. These provoked many comments!


In March 2015 we packed up the Different Views Exhibition at Telstra Tower and sent it To Bendigo for Easter with a Bendigo Camera Club exhibition. Different Views 2 is framed and ready to be hung on Thursday. It will incorporate images which present our views of Canberra and district and its Heritage listed sites (as a part of the Canberra and Region Heritage Festival) David Flannery will open the exhibition on Friday 11th March at 6pm.

Out There 2015, our members’ exhibition at the Watson Arts Centre, was an excellent showcase of our photographic interests. Congratulations to exhibitors and organisers for a great show.


Our integrated themes method of organising our annual program proved valuable in the second year of organising in this manner. Thanks to everyone who contributed to these each month. Each year our program includes a meeting for where we ask members to review how the program has gone during the year and to ask for suggestions and ideas for the next year. This has proved to be valuable for the committee to gauge how things are going in an organised discussion environment, as well as the consult about new ideas which we are planning to implement.


Major Awards 2016

Ted’s Hedda Morrison Print Portfolio –  Matt James

Highly Commended – Helen McFadden

Highly Commended – Dave Bassett

Bica Projected Image Portfolio – Judy Parker

Highly Commended – Brian Jones

Highly Commended – Jenny Varela



Annual Photochallenge

Best Portfolio – Leisa Condie

Best Image – Peter Powell

Print of the Year (colour) – Leo Sbirakos

Highly Commended    Brian Jones

Highly Commended –  Steven Shaw

Print of the Year (monochrome) – Brian Jones

Highly Commended    Murray Foote

Highly Commended    Murray Foote

Projected Image of the Year- Graeme Watson

Highly Commended – Jenny Varela

Highly Commended  – Sheila Lunter

2015 Photographer of the Year

Jointly awarded to:

Graeme Watson and Dave Bassett

2015 Russell Hunt Award

Ian Marshall


Committee Members, Office holders, and many other volunteers.

On behalf of the Canberra Photographic Society members I say THANK YOU to committee members, office holders and volunteers for your hard work during 2015. Your contribution is much appreciated !

Our monthly themes have been coordinated by different members according to their interest and availability. This method of organising the program has enabled a broader number of members to share their knowledge, to assist the society, and to spread the load beyond Program Director Helen McFadden. Thanks also to volunteers from outside the CPS who have volunteered their time to present information at our activity nights. I also record my thanks to all who make the competition night run smoothly.

Ten times each year local (and interstate) photographers volunteer their time to judge our competitions. It is a valuable gift to the CPS and its members. We appreciate the different insights and perspectives each judge has brought to our competitions in 2015. The CPS records its thanks to each of you. We note the passing of long time judge Bob Cooper last year, a number of CPS members attended his funeral.

Also CPS member and serving Auditor, Alan Pendergast died last year. We offered our condolences to his widow Gabi and their family. A number of CPS members attended his funeral.

It is always the case that members come and go for a variety of reasons, and members serve on the committee for a time then move on. So, a couple of movements to note:

Jim Mason has informed the me that he will not stand for the CPS committee in 2016. Thanks for your 30 years on continuous contribution to the CPS through the committee. Jim’s contribution was detailed in his Honorary Life member citation last year. Thank you Jim.

Brian Jones will also conclude his membership of the CPS committee. His contribution has included three years as President. He has also served as Vice President. He was involved in our strategic planning from its inception. He has also managed our relationships with our competition judges. Thanks Brian.


Ian Marshall

Canberra Photographic Society President

8th March 2016


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