The future of iphoneography by Brad Nichols

Brad Nichols gave an interesting presentation on Tuesday 10th April looking at the theme of alternative technologies – in other words, alternative to DSLR technologies. To accompany his presentation he provided the following links and information.

Brad has a regular blog, contributes often to other blogs and teaches photography-related courses at CIT.

This is my regular photography blog, many of the articles here have been internationally published on Petapixel, DIY photography and

This is my dedicated iPhoneography site, more specifically it looks at issue relating to iPhone DNG/Raw shooting

On instagram, search for the following pages:

Zerooneimaging.  This is my iPhone page, everything was shot on iPhone and much of it in RAW.

Bradnichol9186.  This is my regular Photography account on instagram

A short article that compares iPhone RAW with M4/3 under contrasty low light conditions.

A deep dive article that compares iPhone RAW with M4/3 raw across different focal lenghts, the phone is the iPhone X and the M4/3 camera the Olympus EM5 mk 2 with the 12-40mm pro grade lens attached.

I will post an article which is a summary of this evenings presentation on the iPhoneraw site in the next week or so.

Courses:  I run a lot of workshops at CIT Solutions the address for that is: