About CPS and this Blog

Canberra Photographic Society

The Canberra Photographic Society (CPS) is an organisation of keen photographers in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Australia. Our members take photographs covering a wide range of styles and subjects.

See http://www.cpsaus.org for more information.


This Blog

Here is a place where CPS Members share can their thoughts about photography techniques, aesthetics, inspiration…..

Access is available to all.

You can receive email notifications of all posts by clicking the [Subscribe] button on the right.


Blog Contributors

Members of CPS may become Contributors to submit articles for publication in the Blog.  You can become a contributor either through receiving an invitation or by emailing a request to Murray Foote (zenophon@velocitynet.com.au) or by leaving a request in a comment to this post.

Posts by contributors are moderated before posting, so that images can be a constant area.  Otherwise if you add a default-sized image, portrait sized images will be huge and landscape sized panoramas will be tiny.  It’s complicated to do this so I offer to do it for you.

  • Alternatively, you may prefer to size your images to on-page size when exporting (eg from Lightroom) or I can send you a link to show you how I do it.  In this case, you can be an author who posts directly, but you have to request this..

I also suggest a margin to images to help them stand out.  That’s easy enough to do but I can do that for you too.  Black is the default but I can make them white or leave it as no border if you prefer.

Follow the instructions when you receive the invitation:

  1. Click to sign up for a WordPress account
    • This takes you to a blank WordPress page
    • Click Log In at top left
    • Click Register at bottom left
    • If you only want a username and not a new blog, click [sign up for just a username] at bottom right….
    • You will then receive an email and need to activate your account
  2. Click to Accept Invitation
    • This takes you to the Blog’s Dashboard screen, where you can Add a new Post using a menu item at the left
    • Alternatively, you may come in at the main page of the Blog.
        • There should be a black bar at the top and an item “My Sites” at the far left of that
        • Hold your mouse over “My Sites” and a menu should appear, allowing you to add a Blog post.

      CPS Add Post

        • When I tried this using another email address, it didn’t work the first day (no menu bar with items) but did when I tried the second
          • Not sure what happened but a little patience may be in order….




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